Nine foreign plays to compete in Fajr festival

Nine foreign plays will be competing in the international section of the 34th edition of the Fajr International Theater Festival. 

تئاتر فستیوال

German director Thomas Ostermeier will stage William Shakespeare’s masterpiece “Hamlet”, while Marianne Roland from Norway will perform “Hedda Gabler”, Henrik Ibsen’s most performed play, at the festival, organizers have announced on the festival website. 

“Catastrophe” by Alex Serrano from Spain, “A House in Asia” by Agrupacion Senor Serrano, a company dedicated to the performing arts in Spain, and “B Lala”, a joint Iranian and German production by Iranian director Yasser Khaseb are also included. 

Other plays are coming from Georgia, Japan, Hungary and Iraq. 

In addition, thirteen Iranian plays will also be competing in the international section. 

They include “The Last Pomegranate of the World” by Ebrahim Poshtekuhi, “Odyssey” by Arash Dadgar, “A Song for You” by Amin Ebrahimi and “Vanik” by Sohrab Salami. 

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