Omidreza Sepehri was gone to “between worlds” by Eric Emmanuel Schmitt

” between worlds ” directed by Omidreza Sepehri , after 30 days performing in ” Arghanoun black box ” , was performed at the first day of 34th Fadjr international theater festival .

between worlds

This play  is based on a  PS written by Schmitt with the same  name , which is about the  philosophy of the death and shows lots of ideas about the death and its philosophy .

” Between worlds ” related to a place somewhere between life and death , between this world and eternity . It is a combination of typical characters  ( like lover , boos  , journalist , etc )  to make the PS attractive and interesting .

Omidreza Sepehri  directed an attractive play by using all of the potential of the PS and combine this PS with performance’s rules ; in fact the performers are fitted to the play and show symbols , right symbols as well as the director decided to show and finally the performers help the audiences to understand the right message of  ” between worlds ” .

This music and  the lights are the other elements that make the play  an unforgettable once . the music which is composed by Reza Ghanei  and the lights that are designed by Ali Kouzegari  are also useful to make this PS atmosphere , the atmosphere of a pllace between life and death , ” between worlds ” .

Omidreza Sepehri  has directed one of the most popular and the most played PS  of Schmitt , but he has directed it in a different way by using this dramatic elements and finally it is a different and attractive play  based on ” between worlds ” .

Written by : Morvarid Nikbin – Theater Festival

Translated by : Arezou Shafagh

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