From Berthold Brecht To Imam-Reza Holy Shrine

At the beginning of the play when first twist of the story occurred according to spacing , I was shocked . Nice act of little brother role s’ actor this segment , hypnotized me .

the birdseed is for my vow

“ The birdseed is for my vow ” play was written in a creative and attractive way which was also based on a story full of surprises . The play writer , avoid redundant words and self-praise  –  underlay of  Non-sense , Slogan speeches and dialogues . Just straightly getting to the point of the story . away from mayhem , This play gives us a new perspective , Although it has a religious / unreligious theme . The play writer moves smoothly and admirably on this thin line between these two concepts . Beyond All , when characteristics of personas is revealed to audiences , They just feel sorry for themselves . This feeling comes from discovering a hot topic and from provoking pure philanthropy phi emotions , too .

Direction and acts were done in a high level adding to skipping the redundant words . Everything in this play is simple and fluent .

Misses scene is simple and creative , too alongside simple and creative scene decoration and accessories plus fluent acts , made this play an enjoyable show . As well as eparches method of Brecht, Composing it with Eparches theater beside some kind of  Mono/Shore act made us unaware of time pass .

But in some segments , Some efforts would be appreciated .

In the lighting part, The Idea of using shadows and torch was magnificent and also very useful But About 2 or 3 times , Lighting operator lost his touch .

The scene wasn’t eye-catching and often, it turned out to a useless item . In some segments, shadows weren’t in their right positions which didn’t let audiences completely feel sympathy for the play .

In 2 segments,rythme was lost :

  • When little brother asked audiences: “How much does it take cjanging the scene ? ”
  • Dialogues of Big brother with that man whome covered his face( yelling at him:Don’t you dare to talk , Be quiet .” )

Dayereh Player was laughing from the first moment to the last moment of the play !!! But it was fine because he was the reason of comedic atmosphere of the play according to the director s’ needs which didn’t work out for a split of second when little brother was talking to the dayereh player and he couldn’t help laughing .

One of the fascinating things about this performance is actor s’ dialogues with audiences which was superb . It was obvious that audiences weren’t selected purposely and events occurred before people s’ eyes because I , Myself  have tested actors it blurting out some dialogues which surprisingly, was answered by the actor .

Generally, This performance was a good play and in the light of acts and direction, a considerable one .

Written by : Elmira Naddaf

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  1. setare ayoobi گفت:

    Khaste nabadhid
    Mikhaatam bedunam matne farsi in naghd ham vojod dare +?

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