Theater in the mirror of the theater or When the angel of theater apears on the scene

A Review on “The Tempest” directed by Asghar Nouri and Christoph Marachian


Brecht created a new method and standard to callaenge aristocratic and Greek theater which was something weird and unacceptable back then because in his time, theater was used for audiences entertainment and mesmerizing them alongside actors and director, themselves but he wanted more than this. He wanted theater to act as a messenger and to reflect its’ modern society. He risked a lot to replace the aristocratic art of theater with the comprehensive , pop art of theater which reflects its’ modern society.

“The Tempest” directed by Asghar Nouri and Christoph Marachian follow Brecht footsteps : Criticizing magic of the theater : criticizing the theater which is unable to reflect modern society and social issues of nowadays, Simply just an storyteller that only mesmerizes audiences and actors to keep them away from reality. But from directors point of view,theater should act as a social art. Must be based on reality, The way  “The Tempest”  is . ”The Tempest” is on the basis of  William Shakespeare’s play although  No change occurred in the story and its’ dignified dialogues but this performance has two faces and time after time during the play, flips audiences and awakes them from illusions and visionaries.

“Angel” presence on the scene enchants actors when they want to play the given roles by the fairy,Criticizes Aristotle theater. This Criticizes actors who are enchanted by their roles on the scene which reminds that actors must act intelligently through the whole process of acting unless at last , Notactors , Noraudiences , will get nothing out of the show.

“The Tempest” is on the basis of a William Shakespeare’s play that tells a Shakespearian story with his usual form of acts and everything else , you see in performances of his plays but although criticizes Shakespear , Himself and his unsocial and aristocratic theater which only a mad looser in the theater can perform such a play in a lunatic asylum with a bunch of crazy actors, because nowadays theater must reflect issues occurring in modern society and solve  problems of mankind and artists . Theater should be wide awake and also actors and audiences.

“The Tempest” utilize Brecht method for an Aristotle subject in composition with Stanislavski And Brecht Method of acting and directing based on a play by Brecht method which indicates that this performance use method and standard of Stanislavski . ActuallyAsghar Nouri and Christoph Marachian for criticizing a phenomena , shows that phenomena in an ironic way which is a common thing between critics.

Actors in “The Tempest” can suggest a lunatic asylum atmosphere,verywell .The use of twofold atmospheres with means of music and language makes this performance , a special poetic play and positively effects on the maintaining of its visual and narrative rythme .The scene decoration is useful and shows two scenes of the play nicely that includes “The Tempest” of Shakespeare and lunatic asylum.

Ashghar Nouri and Christoph Marachian successfully create their spacing on the right time to keep audiences wide awake and viewers reflections during the play comes from an understanding which acts of actors, Simple and useful miser en scene of the performance and numerous turning-points of the play, play main roles in maintaining the rhythm.

“The Tempest” is a theater performance that criticizes theater, “The Tempest”  which angel of theater’s presence on the scene proves that other type of  Non-Brecht theaters are created by the goddess whom enchants everyone and steals the presence of mind of actors and audiences. If we ignore the goddess and let her rise again, will make actors, directors and audiences Go Banana!!!

by : Elmira naddaf

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