This poster says : Theater for everyone

A review on 34th  international Fadjr Theater Festival poster

poster review

The poster of 34th international Fadjr theater festival is an eligible one , because

one – It’s simple and straightforward with an eye catching design , even though it is naive . Every where and every when you see it , you will get its subject , in fact it has no irrelevant signs , enigmas or puzzles

You see only one blue surface , a circle on it with people  around that , whose are shown from top ( their plans) . It is not necessary for you to be Persian , Iranian or live in Tehran , every one can catch its main and original message in first look , which is an important and huge virtue in any posters

 two – It refers the audiences to the most popular and the most important theatrical symbol in Iran : ” Theater-e-shahr ” halle

It means everyone in Iran after reading the poster’s title and seeing the circle immediately recalls the Theater-e-shahr hall and then the poster will become more clear

three – The design of Great theater halls , all over the world , looks like a circle . Thus the audiences will catch the best view of the stage and circle designing is the optimum design to use the area in the best way . In the other hand it’s more beautiful and elegant

The circle on the poster even for non Iranian audiences looks like a theater hall and it means that this poster has an international language and  having international language is a redeeming feature for graphic art .In fact , The graphic art is the language of people all around the world

 four – The most important , alive and active element of this poster is the plan of people walking around the circle , moving to the theatre

Theater can gather people around and make a crowded community , a coherent one . A community of people with lots of differences , but theater can round them up together and the Fadjr Theater Festival guide them to this way


The poster of 34th international fadjr theater festival is a good one because

It is simple and straightforwar

 It has an international language that every one will understand it

It’s notional and shows one of the most important and the most popular theatrical symbol in Iran

It’s based on the politics of fadjr theater festival , in fact it is an advertise for this festival and its  goals and slogan :  Theater for every on

By: Elmira Naddaf 

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